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Country Rustic Wedding Decor Questions Answered!

  1. Where are some really beautiful churches in Northern Michigan?

    I am planning my wedding and my dream is to get married in a small church Up North in the fall. I want a place surrounded by trees and the place unfortunately cant be TOO small as my fiance and i both have relatively large families

  2. Wedding decor?

    Anyone have any neat ideas for fall country wedding decor. We're getting in an old horse stable and we're looking for the rustic theme. Also, what should we do for favors?

  3. Am I missing anything from the list below?

    This is what I have on picked out or have right now: My dress and shoes MOH/BM dresses and shoes Everything for the tables but centerpieces favors some decor an archway ideas for the bouquets cake toppersc cake ideas location preacher/ rest of the wedding party photographer I even have a backup plan for receptions I still need to come up with ideas for the guys attire, bouts/corsages, centerpieces, invites, and food menus. i'm doing a very simple country/rustic wedding. I am going to be working on music in the next few months.

  4. Green and Brown wedding reception...creativity block?

    Country Wedding: Western mixed with old style country. Green apples, white daisies... maybe white snap dragons or a green spray. mason jars for vases brown table cloth? thought about wrapping mason jars in paper bag material and topping off with a small green gingham ribbon?... this is where im stuck. The cake has brown ribbon going around each white layer. anything to put around it to pull the green? WHITE, GREEN, and BROWN. any suggestions, ideas, or experience would help. Thanks!

  5. Rustic wedding ideas?

    My wedding is in May and we are doing a rustic theme since we live out in the country. Our colors are light blue, silver, and black. The wedding is taking place a nice shelter over-looking a lake. We are going to be using a lot of mason jars of all sizes and putting flowers, lights, and stringing them from the trees outside. We are making our own alter using sticks and trees. We are having the big silver ice tubs with jones soda for drinking. Does anyone else have any other good rustic themed ideas or websites?

  6. Barn rental in NJ for my Wedding?

    I have been searching and searching for a barn for my wedding of Spring 2014. We're having a rustic/country themed wedding. I have gone to Normandy Farms and a few others in PA. I have looked into Perona Farms, and Cross Keys Inn up in North Jersey. The only problem I have is travel. Both mine and my fiance's side has relatives we want at our wedding, but it is hard for them to travel far. I am really wanting a barn that I can rent out and supply my own catering, music, cake, decor, etc. I'm trying to keep this as low budget as possible. We're thinking we will be having about 120 guests. If anyone knows of a private residance that would be willing to rent out their barn for us in the south jersey area, you would be a LIFE SAVER!! Please let me know of any type of location I may not know about! I'm looking for all the help I can get!! Thank you!!!

  7. Any suggestions on decor...?

    I am planning a May or September wedding for next year, and am going to try to get an old barn as my venue...trying to go for the "classy rustic country-ish" vibe. I already know my colors and I am currently collecting hundreds of mason jars of all sizes for full table centerpieces (with votives in the middle) (look at this page for my idea inspiration about a lil over half way down) http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/mason-jar-obsession-ideasdecor-pic-heavy ...but what else should I do? I want classy but country-ish. No redneck/hick/trashy ideas please! I need all of your super-creative brains for picking purposes!!

  8. Ideas for decor for a wedding in late August. ?

    Our wedding is on the patio (I mean very large overlooking the lake) patio at a country club and our reception will be in a private clubhouse. We are looking at the end of August for this. Do you think using chocolate brown, champagne and gold would be nice colors. I know that they have been overdone but the feel of the country club is a very upscale rustic lodge and I think those colors would pull in wonderfully, plus my dress is a light gold color. My MB's actually like the idea, they say if they have to wear black or pink one more time they will scream. Other than that send me your ideas, pics are always great of what you think is fabulous. I defiantly want fabulous. Thanks.

  9. What decor would you pick?

    We are having an outdoor ceremony/reception. The weather is normally around 85 degrees. Ceremony will start around 6:30ish with a simple but nice dinner to follow at reception. We are doing a country theme, it will be in a park/valley, so we will have a ton of trees surrounding us, an old well, a stairway leading down and a red rustic bridge you have to cross before you actually get to the park. There is no street lights or anything down there, so we have to do the lighting ourselves and I would like it to be as natural but still being able to see without tripping as we can get lol We are going to be getting paper lanterns and thinking about getting white christmas lights to hang up if possible in the trees. I needs to be simple to do too because the wedding is taking place an 1 1/2 hrs from where we live so there is no way we can get down the day before and decorate i'm afraid.