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What are some other uses for lavender buds to use at our wedding?

I originially wanted to have a "Rice throwing" but using Lavender instead of rice to throw at our wedding; however, the problem is that we're not actually going to be leaving the church before the guests as we will be taking pictures in the chapel as well as around the church grounds. I have already bought the Cones to house the lavender, ribbons and lavender buds -- any other good ideas of when, where or how to use these items? just a point to add, i don't really want to do the typical "lavender buds in a sachet" - so looking for any other creative ideas!


  1. Are you making a "grand exit" at your reception? Or a grand entrance? You could have your guests do the throwing then! Good luck!
  2. yo could have them throw it as you enter the reception...
  3. What we did is have the guests leave first and collect the petals we used instead of rice as they left the chapel. We signed the registry and left the church and allowed everyone to toss the petals at us (they formed a corridor). We then greeted people and sent them to the reception hall to allow us to take photo's in and around the chapel. You could tie some buds with ribbon and place them on every plate, attach a small "Thank you" card to it and voila you have an instant favour. By Cones do you mean pine-cones or those things that look like vases? I'm going to assume the latter so why not use them as a random decoration around the reception hall. Put them in strategic corners to fill a hole. Or you could take the buds and use them to make home-made lavender tea or ice-cream (I like it). Eh, and I've run out of ideas :p Good luck!