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Wedding planning ideas needed for Burgundy and Gold Theme?

Finally decided on Fall wedding and our colors will be Burgundy and Gold (touches of gold) Now we need help with ideas to complete the planning process. Small wedding. Burgundy dresses with gold sash for bridal party. Black suits for guys. The more help with planning the better. My wedding gown will be white with bits of gold. We are going to add white to colors.


  1. Try to incorporate more fall colors to make the burgundy not seem too much, cause even with that little splash of gold, it would drown it!
  2. Even if you did not want to add more colors than just the burgundy and gold, monochromatic color schemes are always beautiful and add more definition, so rather than just the typical burgundy have lighter and darker hues, it will bring the colors out a lot more!
  3. Here are inspiration photos- it is easy to look then write all the ideas out: http://hubpages.com/_BME/hub/_BellaMevents_WineLovers http://hubpages.com/_BME/hub/GOLD-WEDDING
  4. For flowers to help break up some of the burgundy, go with flowers in the sangria wine, dusky rose, blush pink family, add champagne, deep cream and matte gold.A few lime button mums for some pop or a beautiful lime green cymbidium orchid with burgundy throat, different. Also, lacey catalaya orchids with burgundy throats for your bouquet. Burgundy roses, mauve spray roses or lillies, pale pink mini carnations and ivory spider mums and some gold bouquet jewelry. Google wedding bouquet jewelry. Has beautiful pins to be added to center of roses or longer, butterfly clips, so much more, give it a look, think you wil like. Also, a shiny gold ribbon loop added to bouquets if you are using a shiny gold. I also love the stargazer lillie with bur. it has burgundy throat with bur. dots, extending out into a deep mauve, pink, then beautiful creamy ends. Google to get a picture of. This would almost stand alone as only flower with a dot of burgundy added. As for planning, google wedding checklists and put together a master checklist of what you do/do not want--can/can not afford. http://www.myweddingmusic.com ***traditional weddings songs, click for a sample, also, on same site, click on music, wedding songs from A-Z http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-songs ***a good site, a blend of many types of music, also click for a sample http://www.discjockeys.com ***200 most requested dance songs Ceremony flowers depends on venue, two large floral arrangements in just the burgundy, champagne for church, like, quieter tones. If in a venue, still, you don't want floral ceremony arrangements to compete with bm bouquets. Or just champagne/bit of gold. For reception, depends on how fancy you want, gold/champagne table runners with eiffel tower vases with 3 long stem burg. roses or 3 long stemmed carnations in burgundy (carnations are inexpensive and now come in so many vibrant colors) Also, a burg., mauve and pale pink in one vase with the gold ting. Vases and ting and much more good "stuff" on this site http://www.save-on-crafts.com has a lots of natural branches, spray gold with burgundy/gold/champagne hanging gems, with burgundy votives around base----gold candelabra filled with burg/pink/cream flowers with votives around vase or votive candles in different size wine glasses (a good holder) around base, Site above also has table scatter and vase gems. Use ivory table lines with a large burgundy silk under upside down wine glass, with gold votive on top, different., champagne/gold place mats with burgundy napkins or reverse, go sparingly with burgundy. Table runners/throws, etc. on these sites http://www.tableclothfactory.com http://www.trendexhome.com http://www.comfyheaven.com http://www.linentable.com Hope this helps. If you are doing your own food, a good punch is equal parts white grape juice and apple juice--the color of champagne (little darker/slightly golden). Gold dinnerware rather than silver would be gorgeous, but perhaps expensive. For bouts, a single burg. rose with ruscus greenery and some lime hypercium berries for pop. Also, spray orchids come in a beautiful fuschia/burgundyish with cream.
  5. www.magicbeyondmidnight.com Wedding planners who work with any and all budgets! They did my wedding and are awesome! Everything matched, was handmade and completely original and unique! Email them: info@magicbeyondmidnight.com They did my favors, centerpieces, invites, menus, place cards, napkin rinsg, card box, etc!
  6. Find great paper lanterns in all sizes and colors at http://www.asianideas.com and http://www.lunabazaar.com Gold and burgundy are available... but maybe choose a neutral cream or white color to illuminate your wedding space. I have written full reviews on both sites including shipping policies, BBB information and more at http://www.my-favorite-wedding-websites.com