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I am newly engaged and want to know how I can plan an elegant stress-free wedding?

I have so many ideas and things that I want to do, but I want to be able to keep friends and relationships. I am getting married in Atlanta and just want some tips in whatever area. Decorations, planning, flowers, BM dresses, GM suits, etc. Any advice would be appreciated.


  1. Check out the Knot. http://theknot.com/ See budget brides bio here: http://community.theknot.com/cs/ks/user/default.aspx?username=BudgetBridesBio&NestProfile=0 If you want to keep things stress-free, I would advise keeping things on the smaller, more intimate side. Seems the larger the wedding the more stress it creates. Good luck with your planning.
  2. There is no such thing.....you will be stressed and nothing will change that. Even couples with wedding planners have stress. You gotta just go with the flow. Good luck
  3. You will be a little stress. I am planning a wedding in December and I am a little stress with everything. My braidsmaids do not like each other and can not stand to be in the same room as each other. Just little things like that, that could really stress someone out I just take it as it is and I just let it be. My family and his family are very different. Get a book write everything you want down. The color and the price of everything. That will make everything a lot easier.
  4. For photographers, make sure you do reviews or attempt to locate reviews on the photographers you choose or are considering. Make sure their contract is specific and states when you will see the photos whether online or othewise and when they will be ready (is there such a thing as a stress free wedding?)
  5. Hire a wedding coordinator and tell her what you want then let her handle the details. Less stress and more fun.
  6. If I wrote down all my thoughts it would be a book so just a couple things: 1. Read A Practical Wedding blog by Meg 2. One thing that saved a lot of hassle is I just told my BM's to buy a blue summer dress that they would wear again. The guys just wore nice suits that they already owned. My husband was the only one who wore a boutonniere. Another one of my friends chose a paint sample card in the colors she liked and showed them to the girls. The girls loved their dresses, looked beautiful and comfortable. 3. If you get married in a church, choose an older one that is already beautiful and don't worry about decorating it. 4. For reception decorations, I picked up a lovely assortment of mix matched vases at Goodwill and a local small business florist made simple flower arrangements from flowers she had grown in her home garden. There were about 3 vases per table. The day before the wedding the BM's and I went to her garden and made our own bouquets with floral tape and rafia. 5. Don't worry about having wedding favors. We didn't really have any and nobody missed them. We just had the flower arrangements and homemade candles in old jars on each table. We told people that they were free to take them home if they wanted. It saved a lot of cleanup. We also had a potluck cookie buffet where friends brought in their favorite cookies. We provided little bags for people to take home extra. That's all for now. Hope that helps. Many blessings. Enjoy the process. It was a really special time for me. Finding out what were priorities for our wedding helped my fiancee and I set the tone for the priorities in our marriage and lives together which for us are community, simplicity, and celebration.