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Me and my fiance are planning a quick wedding with a 300$ budget any ideas?

Me and my fiance want to get married before our child comes into this world. But sadly, we're pretty broke so we have a budget of 300-400$ We need some ideas, for a cheap quick wedding which includes, invitations, cakes, clothes, decorations, and so on. But we have to keep it cheap. So if anyone has any clue to how to plan a cheap wedding before march please let me know you're great thoughts!


  1. Have a civic wedding and evite your guests to a BBQ in the park. Nothing fancy, NO PRESENTS!
  2. Make the cake yourself. Go to walmart, they actually have 3 tiered cake plates for that reason, buy yourself 3 boxes of vanilla betty crocker and vanilla icing, and make 3 cakes. Invitations you can also get at walmart and print off yourself, theyre really cheap. I would look on craigslist for a dress or even at a thrift store, they usually have nice white dresses for 40-50. Im sure your soon to be husband has a nice shirt and tie, he doesnt necessarily need a tux. A lot of pastors will marry you for a small donation. The marriage license will be about 60 dollars though. You could have a pastor marry you in a park, (if they allow it - most public ones will, for free or small charge) and have a small party there after, buy a couple lunch meat platters and some rolls, and have the cake for dessert :) I think it would be simple, but fun. Congrats on your new baby on the way & your marriage! GL!
  3. You aren't going to get much more than the essential requirements of a wedding for that budget. Justice of the peace or a judge in your local courthouse will be the least expensive. About $50 for the license and they may charge you a few bucks for the ceremony - I'd guess another $50. Get simple rings cheap - check www.qvc.com for a decent deal/price. Sterling Silver would be most affordable. Maybe $100 total. Wear clothes you already own rather than buying new and invite just a few people to attend verbally and have cake & coffee at your home - - cake might run $20 - $40.
  4. Hi, I'm doing my wedding on a bit of a budget also. Venue: The beach & then a BBQ or family dinner at home, a park, a cheap hall that you can decorate yourself, a family member who has a lovely garden or house? Do you go to church, have a minister that will do the ceremony for no charge? Mine isn't charging me... Food: Get all your family together and cook cook cook 1 - 2 days before! Or have a cocktail wedding with fingerfood only. Just buy some cheap fingerfood and arrange for a family member to heat it up/arrange it and put on the tables. Invitations: Buy some card-like paper of a size you desire and some 'velum' paper to go on top. Velum is an opaque somewhat seethrough paper. Type up your invitation in Word and print directly onto the velum. Mine came out looking very professional. You can then pin them together with a decorative pin that goes through both the pieces of paper up the top, or in any way you like (or what you find that's cheap!). If you don't really care about invites that much, buy a pad of wedding invitations, I have seen those too for about $10 for a pad of 50. Cakes: Make yourself or have someone make it for you as a wedding gift (what I'm doing). You can buy simple cake molds (one big and one a bit smaller), and some cake mix if you don't really know how to make cakes. Then you bake them both, put the smaller cake on top of the larger cake and ice it, maybe put some fresh flowers on the top (so long as they're not poisonous flowers - roses are safe), it can look really nice - and it's cheap! Clothes: Rent or borrow... many people still have their veils, shoes, costume jewelery etc and don't mind lending it. Wear a nice dress you already have or borrow someone elses. Wear a white tanktop and a nice detailed white skirt as the dress. If you want a full-on wedding dress, look in thrift stores or try on friends/family's. Decorations: Simple vases, or even decorative glasses that you already have and cut flowers from yours or someone's garden... flowers are VERY expensive! If no one has a nice garden full of flowers, buy some cheap candles and put them on some kind of nice plate or stand to put on tables. Decorate chairs with cheap material from spotlight or other craft/sewing stores... tie bows around the chairs with it or let the 2 pieces just hang down. Ask people if they have nice table cloths, if you don't have your own. Sometimes you can find cheap enough material to cover the tables in a colour you want, too. You'll need help from others! Just ask everyone, they will understand your situation. I hope you enjoy your special day and congratulations on your baby. The wedding day is not the be all and end all, a lot of people barely remember it in 10 years. Just enjoy it no matter what you end up having!
  5. You can find cheap do it yourself invitations at micheal's, joann fabrics, and even walmart. All you do is print them from your computer. They will run you maybe $20-30. Get a cake from Walmart, or a sheet cake from a grocery store. Get a nice dress in white (or any color if you don't mind) that may be on clearance! I always find great deals at jcpenneys! Decorations you can find just about anywhere but they do have some at the places where they sell the invitations. Depending on how many people your planning on having it, have the reception at someones house or look into a fire hall. Depending on the fire hall they might not charge you much. As for food, you can ask relatives to help you cook the food. This is what my cousins did and it worked out great! Good Luck and congrats!
  6. If you have a relative or friend, that has a great backyard, have them lend it to you for the day. Venues usually cost a lot and take between 15-50% of the wedding budget. Now for invitations, you can either get creative and design your own from your computer or go to your local Walmart/Target and buy some there. I could create some invitations for you for free, just message me if you'd like that. By clothes I am assuming you meant, your dress, it's really hard to find a dress but check out ebay. Or you can just buy a white dress at a store and accessorize it. Go to your local bakery for a cake, something simple but with some groom/bride topper. If you have Publix around, you can try one there too. You can rent tables/decorations for a day. It would be so much better to help if I knew where you were located. Anyway, I hope this helps.
  7. Have a civil ceremony and invite your closest family and friends to your place and have a dinner in celebration (I don't know where you live, but I'm assuming cold weather may put a nix on outdoor ideas). Get a sheet cake and decorate your home. Remember, the less you spend, the more you have for when baby comes and that money may save you from a tight spot. Besides, all you really need is the love of the other and sharing that with the people closest to you will make it special.
  8. Get married at the courthouse and have a reception at home. get your family to help prep food. Stouffers Lasagna, salad in a bag and some rolls go a long way. Congrats!
  9. At Home, Borrow a dress or wear one you have, No tux just suits or nice pants and shirt. 2 attendants only, see csilkc.com for flowers. Officiant see area craigslist your area to find one. Get a spiral sliced ham, make potato salad,fix a veggie tray, fix some fruits and have chocolate dip and caramel fruit dip. Invites from walmart $14.97 per 50, print on computer. Orientaltrading.com for decorations see the wedding catalog. Make your own cake decorate with silk flowers and satin ribbon. Walmart has the tiered pans from wilton, make cake using mixes, frost with canned frosting. allow it to dry a while and place ribbon as a border at base of the tiers may run strans of pearls( fabric or craft stores) around it too. decorate with silk flowers from dollar store or craft store or get from csilkc.com .
  10. As for the invites, I would go with E-Vites, they are free, just about everyone has an e-mail address, and they can be super cute and informative. For the dress, try checking CraigsList. Some people may think that's weird but hey, your on a budget. Have friends and family bring a dish to pass, and invite your close friends to help you decorate. I'm sure they would be more than happy to pitch in for the decorations for your special day! Good luck! Best wishes for your new family!
  11. I found my dress at goodwill for 4.00 and then had it dry cleaned for 1.85 for a total of 5.85 Walmart makes cakes for around 100.00 but I watch alot of youtube videos and monkeysee videos on how to make my wedding cake and I think I am going to do that.. the park is a nice idea especially if they have a covered area you can use. decorations go to the dollar store they have everything and watch Micheals craft store for coupons you can get stuff cheap that way... also pitch in with the family make meat and cheese trays, veggie trays, fruit salads, chips ects keep it simple you dont have to go all out.. and if you want throw on the grill and cook hot dogs and burgers its your day most of all enjoy and try not to stress it tooo much... and congrats and both the wedding and the baby :)
  12. Hi. Lots of us can give you ideas, but the main thing is....you won't be able to get much for that amount.....sorry....I am not trying to be mean...it's just the way it is. It depends on where you live, but you should budget about $30 for the marriage license. THEN, about $50 for the judge to perform the ceremony. IF you are members of any church, then of course, check with your minister, but even then....you will need to give him/her at least $50. ~ So that is about $80 of your budget. If you have $400....then that leaves you with $320. Or, if $300....that leaves you with $220. For the rest: ~ I would look at buying a very, very inexpensive dress or wear something that you already have. Look at Target or Kohl's on the clearance rack. Same for your fiance. Get him some khaki pants and a shirt from Target or Walmart. Hopefully, only spend about $75-$100 between the two of you (or less!). ~ Invitations: Really, I wouldn't even worry about invitations. I would call family and friends. If you really want invitations, I would buy invitation type paper (at Walmart) and make your own. I have, myself, purchased this type of paper there. Here is an example: http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/dpsp_2034_96008408 http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/dpsp_2034_96037516 You can find packages of nice paper similar to this at Walmart. You get 20-25 in a package and it's only about $3.00. Then, bring it home and format it on your computer. ~ If it was me, I would have a courthouse wedding and then have people back to your house for some cake, punch and coffee. That is it! There is no need for decorations. Just clean your house and put out a nice tablecloth and have some sweets (cake and other things if you want) and perhaps some cheese/crackers and fruit. Easy and simple! Good luck.
  13. search your local Craigslist, and ebay Maybe go to the court house to get married and fave a get together after for the celebration!
  14. I would ask for some help from friends in this situation. Have the wedding in yours or someone else's house. Ask a friend to make the cake (betty crocker does the job!!) You can ask guests in lieu of gifts, to bring a dish or you can order sandwiches from Sam's Club. Invitations from the Dollar stores are pretty nice for a casual event. I have seen some pretty nice wedding decorations aswell over there. I think it's all in the way you place the stuff. Remember, less is more. Too much looks cheap!
  15. Get fam to donate airfare and fly to Vegas. you can get married for as little as 75.00 in an Elvis style chapel. most come with a free room, a crappy one prob, but free.
  16. I think the best thing is to plan a very intimate, small ceremony. Only invite immediate family and go to your local courthouse to tie the knot (this doesn't necessarily scream "dream" wedding, but it's budget friendly). Also, opt for a non-traditional cake, like a wedding cupcake cake. There is a great website that has a wedding cake directory, just type in your city and state and you will be able to find a local baker and get a small cake. I linked to their website... http://www.weddingwire.com/wedding-cakes Hopefully this was some helpful information and good luck with the wedding.