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Can anyone help me with cheap wedding ideas in sydney?

I live in Sydney, and i was hoping that other sydney brides could share their experiences of the goods and bads of wedding planning and maybe some pointers of what to avoid and what worked great for you! Also any great storeis of churches or reception halls?


  1. Avoid function centres or anything in the CBD. Stick to the smaller bowling clubs / RSL - cheaper packages and it's just as nice - plus you usually have more freedom over making changes and their prices are usually fixed when you book (my friend used a function centre and they pu the price up $8 per head 2 onths before her wedding). Avoid using event hire companies for decorations -they wanted to charge us approx $500 for a backdrop. Went to spotlight and bought $20 worth of material and $20 fariy lights from Go-lo and did it ourselves. If you wan tmore details or ideas please contact me
  2. hi there check out www.weddingcentral.com.au for tips and ideas. hope this helps and good luck with the wedding!
  3. Okay I was a function coordinator in Sydney so I will do a few bullet points that will hopefully save you some money. I hate function centres because I work in them but they are there for a purpose but shop around because sales coordinators prey on your ignorance for what a wedding really costs. Clubs are great but be aware of the ugly factor of pokies machines and entrances find a club witha grand entrace or at least away from pokies the epping club www.eppingclub.com/ have some reasonable packages and a nicce entrance, one of my friends is getting married in the royal automobile club in sydney I haven't seen it but she says it is beautiful http://www.raca.com.au/ Shop around for a wedding cake I am getting a 2 tier for $200.00, keep it simple and dress it with fresh flowers they always look much more elegant. Ceremonies it all depends on what you want church/garden. Keep them close is the golden rule though it is much more enjoyabe not to have to cart around an entourage of 100 people across sydney. If you keep them close you can share the theming costs as well. My venue is an old house with a big wrap around balcony so I am having my ceremony on the balcony and it means I can put more money into how beautiful the balcony will look. I am actually getting married in a restaurant bar that was recently refurbished and has beautiful food. They are giving us the whole top floor with no room hire fee and are having canapes followed by a buffet served down the ecntre of the table for $39.00 per head. Look for venues that have been refurbished they're prices often haven't been updated since they did this. Try to avoid cake serving fees lots of coordinators will drop this fee because they know it really doesn't cost much to do say let them know you are happy for the supervisor to cut the cake much of the time they do a better job anyway and this can save you like $5 per head. Restaurants are great venues they generally have a better atmosphere because they are not designed to be a blank canvas like many function venues they have plants, stages, candles, etc. Often they are cheaper and have much nicer food. If you aren't having many people (no more than 30) try renting a luxury penthouse and get a personal chef in for the night you will combine accommodation & venue costs, get it on the water and have the ceremony there as well but keep it small and ask permission first. Don't have your wedding in a remote area the simpler it is for the guests the more enjoyable it will be. Don't try to source others' accommodation they are more than capable of doingit themselves and will only end up winging to you in the end. Look for venues that allow BYO function they are rare but still around I know there is one in the blue mountains. Avoid drink packages they always overcharge you!! Drinks on consumption even if it's not advertised they will know what you mean when you say this and they will offer it because most venues maintain a 150% markup on bev anyway. Avoid hotels they are unoriginal and overpriced I know I worked in them . The staff are usually very impersonal because they constantly turnover and work too many late hours. Look for good service it really will make your night more enjoyable. Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions the coordinator is your PA until you get married and has a wealth of knowledge to healp you out. Get your dress online and have it altered in Australia you will save a motza and nobody else in Oz will have your dress. Lots of fancy tri,mmings are available on ebay many cheaper than regular wedding suppliers (I recommend) Try your best to source things without saying it is a wedding make something up under a different email address like an anniversary or 50th then enquire as yourself quoting the prices if they try to overcharge you. For flowers I recommend www.flowermart.com.au/ consistently beautiful and reliable. Have a lunchtime affair people drink less at lunch then you still have all night to hang out with them the whole day for photos and lunch packages are usually cheaper. When you enquire about menus ask fr the wedding packages as well as the normal banquet/function menues and compare. Don't skimp costs on chair covers if you can avoid it they truly do make it a wedding and usually average $5 each for less than a weeks wage you can make the wedding that much more beautiful. Get your wedding invites made overseas you can save hundreds. Give your guests plenty of notice 1 year save the dates 3 months invites. Best of Luck