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What are some inexpensive wedding centerpiece ideas?

I am having a blue and brown colored wedding, possibly with some pink and/or orange thrown in here and there. What are some inexpensive table centerpiece ideas that could incorporate those? Has anyone found any really good websites for this? Thanks!


  1. If your looking to save money I would come up with something you can buy and put together yourself. The centerpieces the florists have start at $50 each and go up to hundreds of dollars each. We decided to make our own. We are using a long silver tray, different height candles, rose petals etc. It was the best way to make a centerpieces for under $20 each. Good luck!
  2. I did my own centerpieces and they cost my under $15 per table. To save money go with something that uses candles instead of flowers. Flowers can add up quickly (even if you plan on buying and arranging them yourself) and candles are great because they really set a romantic mood for your tables. I got all my candle holders from the dollar store. I used one tall 9" glass vase on each table that was $1.50 each. And then 4 smaller, 6" vases that were $1 each. The tall one we put gold glass flakes in the bottom and filled with water and had a dark red floating candle in (our wedding colours were gold, silver and dark red). The glass flakes were from a kitchen warehouse store and cost $4 a tub, which filled 2-3 vases, and candles are so cheap from craft, houseware stores or Ikea (I got most of my candles from Ikea, GREAT prices on that type of thing). For the smaller vases I made vellum paper covers so they looked like custom lanterns. I printed some on my computer with the table numbers on them and then used double-sided tape to stick them to the outside of the vase. I got jumbo tealights from Ikea (24 for $8) for the bottom of the vase. Everyone thought it was a really unique way to display the table numbers, as part of the centerpiece display. I had two table number lanterns on each table, and then two custom lanterns with our initials on them. (We had long, rectangle tables, not rounds, but I think the same thing could work with round tables too.) To do the custom lanterns I used a rubber stamp from a Martha Stewart craft set, that comes with the letters to customize. Then I just used red ink to stamp each piece of the vellum and taped those on to the vases. They looked really pretty! And we used the stamp for our programs and had the baker emulate the design for the cake, so everything tied together really well. This is what the tables and lanterns looked like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28988476@N06/4210111448/in/set-72157623059616894/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/28988476@N06/4201162528/in/set-72157623059616894/ It would be very easy to incorporate your colours with these types of ideas, since you would just need to use the right colours for the candles, sand for the vases, ink, etc. I got the idea for the vellum lanterns from the Martha Stewart Weddings website, and they even have printable templates with patterns to print right on the vellum, instead of using rubber stamps. I know that blue and orange were popular with her magazine's photos last year, so I think some of the templates even come in orange and blue, right from your printer! http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/decoration-templates?#slide_5 http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/decoration-templates?#slide_8 http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/decoration-templates?#slide_7 Again, all the tables cost less than $15 each. We had 8 tables, so that was barely $100 for the table decor ... and it looked SO good, people would definitely NOT think that we didn't spend very much money on decor! Good Luck!
  3. http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/search/processRequest.do?Ntt=mirror&requestURI=searchMain&Ntk=all&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial&N=0 If you scattered some of these mirror tiles, maybe the heart shape, you could use blue tea lights on them and maybe scatter around some rose petals. Or instead of tea lights use two or three different heights of candles on top of them for a special look. http://www.orientaltrading.com/ui/browse/processRequest.do?demandPrefix=12&sku=25/5847&prodCatId=388560&mode=Browsing&erec=9&sp=true&Ntk=all&Ntx=mode%2bmatchallpartial&N=388560+1506&tabId=1&requestURI=processProductsCatalog&sd=Cylinder+Tealight+Holders We did a similar thing to these at my FSIL's wedding, they got tons of compliments and you could use either pink or orange flowers in them. You could also order brown callas or orchids, but those might be pricey. If you found brown artificial flowers at a craft store you could afford it though. Or if you buy some curly willow branch from a florist that would look really elegant in the water even without flowers, plus it is cheap. Even baby's breath would look nice in these holders. http://content.fromyouflowers.com/images/products/large/TFWEB393.jpg Here is the willow in the bottom of this vase, you can twist the thin bits into a circle. Another thought was that you could buy broad brown and blue ribbons and use them as table runners, it would be pretty. You could tie the ends into bows and let them hang down about halfway from the top of the table. These could go under the centerpieces.
  4. I'm using tulle for my table runners (tulle- $3 for 50 ft roll at Hobby Lobby), got tall glass vases from dollar tree, gluing a castle in the bottom, adding water and a floating candle. I got the floating candles on ebay for $1.50 ea, and the castles were $2, the vases $1 so my centerpieces are costing me less than $5 each, not counting the water (which we'll use our water, and we're in the country on a well, so that's free).
  5. Someone I know is planning on using the bouquets as center pieces. I guess they're going to buy cheap vases and then put the bouquets in them. You can also buy a shallow bowl like vase and fill it with glass pebbles and water. Then just put some floating candles in them and a few flower petals. If you decide to make your centerpieces yourself, and are looking for some flowers, Costco delivers fresh flowers that I hear are affordable.