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Hi, can anyone help me with some unique wedding reception ideas?

Would anyone be willing to share some unique ideas for a wedding reception? Ideas you have used or have seen at other receptions for decorating tables as well as cake table, using centerpieces, place settings,using unique items for guestbooks, etc. Not the usual stuff you see all the time. I just want to have some unique ideas at mine. Any help would be great! Thanks so much.


  1. It really depends on what you want - there are TONS of ideas for unique receptions out there. Do you wantoutdoors? Formal? Small? At home? If you can give me a little more information as to what type of wedding you want I can probably give you better specific information and ideas. I would say get an idea of what size/atmosphere you want for your wedding and then start looking through some wedding websites for inspiration. Some of my favorites for unique and quirky weddings are: theknot.com (thousands of ideas, and GREAT planning tools - and a free wedding website for you!) greenweddingshoes.com stylemepretty.com
  2. You should check out offbeatbride.com. They have a lot of neat ideas and people explain how they did them and what will fit your personal style. My favorite thing I've seen is instead of a guestbook one couple put out flat river stones and paint markers and we all wrote little messages on them, then they took them home and used them in their garden.
  3. lottery tickets in little envelopes as name settings and favours in one. me and my other half have decided to do a pick and mix for favours every person gets a paper bag (in our wedding colours) and they help themselves to a selection on a favour table. guestbooks replacement a blown up photo of the pair of you that people can sign or a plate you can buy them online then you send them off to be varnished. hope they help