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How to plan a memorable wedding on a tight budget?

We are getting married this september, and we need everything but the church. We're on an extremely tight budget. I say skip the reception all together he says he wants a semi-formal sit down dinner with all the "traditional" reception values. We both have HUGE families... Any good centerpiece and favor ideas? Any ways to save will be greatly appreciated!


  1. its simple. design a wedding composed of five persons only.
  2. mints for favors and candles and picture of you two in a frame. very sexy and not much!
  3. First, congratulations on your wedding! In order to plan a wedding on a budget, you need to look around. If your fiance truly wants a "traditional" reception, look at having a buffet rather than a sit down dinner. Buffets are traditionally less expensive than a sit down dinner. Also, instead of the traditional wedding cake, you may want to look into the "fake cake." This is a beautiful plastic frosted cake for show, that is then removed to the back for cutting and pieces of a sheet cake and then brought out for guests. Sheet cakes are much cheaper and your guests will never know. As for centerpieces, I was recently at an event that had small (4x4x4) clear glass square vases filled with different colored stones (these could match your wedding colors) and floating flowers. Because of the size and color, you could use any flower that you wanted. The centerpieces were really beautiful and since they were somewhat small, they didn't interfere with guests talking across the table. If you're going to have your wedding and reception filmed, look for someone just starting out. Tell them that you will allow them to use your tape as a reference if they do the job for free.
  4. im getting married in september too! congrats to you! i know this sounds cheap but my friend did it and it was really cool, go to the dollar tree and they have some great decorations and go to sams club to buy the food
  5. Decide what is really important to you and go from there only including what you really want.
  6. hi im organising my wedding for sept....tight budget £6000 in total... and we've managed it with some to spare! bride-groom, 1 bridesmaid, bestman ceremony & reception inthe one venue (no need to transport of guest) were having a sit down dinner for 38 people, and around 100 guest are coming inthe evening... our families are huge! but i limited it....parents....close aunts & uncles all the rest are coming at night centre pieces ive chosen are really simple rose heads in water in glass bowls with some foilage....might not sound that great but are stunning....also means theres nothing big or tall inthe middle of table getting in the way make ur own invites...print off on pc...check ebay...really good invites that are fridge magnets...bit different! favours....organaza bags filled with confettie & silver coated chocolate sweets car hire - 3 hours in total doing double trips! one rolls & one merc got excellent price hold ur wedding on a week day...thurs....huge discounts to be had band for reception a two piece doing a huge variety of music...more in the band, more you'll pay or just have a dj prob half the price hire morning suits for the gents buy or hire your dress...bridesmaid can be something bought up market but at fraction of cost...if slightly different from traditional bridesmaid dress...something like 50's cocktail style, least then its re-usable packets of silver dust with silver stars thrown over white table linen is gorgeous ask family friend to be photographer...to take the posed shots...for the rest buy little throw away cameras and place one on each table...then guests take photos...you develope them and hey presto...wedding album wedding are only as expensive as you want them to be... if someone has a nice car, then you dont need car hire! our wedding budget at first was half of what we are paying more, its only because we managed to save a lot more than we imagined so we're having little splurges like the car hire and i've spent more on my dress...but the basics are still the same as we had in the original budget! best of luck xx
  7. Take it from someone who is in the same boat my fiance and i are having a wedding for under $5,000 and yes it can be done~ Center Peice and Favor Ideas- Make them Yourself Wal mart has some great candle holders that u can set on top of mirrors and i bet it would be under 100 for all of em Also walmart has some cheap wedding favors and u can never go wrong with bubbles Another way to save money is to use fake flowers instead of real ones As for your cake~ it never hurts to ask family members who are good at baking for example we have asked his mother to make our cake Other Great Money Saving Tips- Try and have your wedding and the reception in the same area Also remember compare prices never just go with the first place you talk too If u need any more tips just ask??? i have a ton
  8. Hi and congratulations! First of all, you don't say how tight your budget is...and it's really none of our business, but you may have to scale back a bit. The words that pop out to me are "semi-formal," "traditional" and "huge families." With all of these elements, it is going to be very, very difficult to pull something off on a very tight budget. The biggest expense of a wedding is not the ceremony...it is the reception (food, drinks, rental of hall to hold all the guests, etc.) so this is always the area to scale back. I don't know how you can scale things back if you both have huge families and your fiance is wanting a sit down dinner. A sit down dinner is the MOST expensive type of reception that you can have. If you are willing to give this up and have another type of reception (brunch, lunch, or simply finger foods and desserts) then you may be able to pull it off on a tight budget. There are LOADS of ways to save, but usually the first and easiest way to save is to limit your guest list. The second would be to not have a sit down dinner. The third would be to limit your attendants to one or two each.
  9. We have the same situation. Here are some ideas that we are doing: 1. Buy online silk flowers (depending on how much you're wanting to spend. Or you could also make your own bouquets) Here's the website I'm ordering flowers from. (I also have bad alergies) http://www.wedideas.com/ http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/wedding-flowers/articles/homemade-bouquets-basics.aspx?MsdVisit=1 2. We are having a pie and ice cream social for the reception. Depending on your church, you could use their facilities. Or have this at someone's house. Since your families are huge it should be easy to find 10 people who can each bake 3 or 4 pies each. People are very generous with their time when it comes to wedding, especially family. I've also heard of people having potluck meals. Most people dont' care about the reception as long as you give them a chance to be with their family and friends and help you celebrate. 3. For centerpieces we went to a a store called Hobby Lobby and bought flower vases and decorative stones for the bottom. Then we ordered online floating candles in our wedding colors (all very inexpensive). 4. We bought silk rose petals online also from ebay. You can buy bags of 2,000 for inexpensive and use for decorating at the ceremony (lining your walkway) and on tables at the receptions (spread them out in the same way, in the middle of the table, as if it was a table runner). 5). If you know anyone is a photographer or hairdresser, ask for help. 6). For favors, I have seen people use cookie cutters wrapped in tulle circles with a recipe attached to the back. Those would be inexpensive. We are using bells. Something similar to these. http://cgi.ebay.com/Wedding-Bells-Place-Cards-Table-Numbers-Kissing-Favors_W0QQitemZ130309447497QQihZ003QQcategoryZ102446QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem 7. We made our own wedding programs. You can also make your own invites. There are a lot of samples online if you google them. 8. Shop the local party store instead of the bridal or wedding stores.....things are much cheaper, and often look the same! 9. Here is a website that has inexpensive dresses for bridesmaids. They should pay for them thereselves but I highly reccomend this site. Service was excellent. http://www.therosedress.com/ 10. Have your bm wear their hair however they want so that you wont' have to pay for them to get it done, plus they will be able to show their own invdividuality. 11. We are having the groomsmen wear their own black pants and white button up shirts with ties that we bought, to cut down on rentals. 12. Look through your local craft stores. They often have wedding supplies and inexpensive prices. Remember.....although people may say they're "cheap", you're only going to be using the decorations and flower girl basket and such things once. You're not going to keep them forever, so why spend more money!? 13. Instead of higher live musicians use a cd. Here are two that I really like and purchased myself. http://www.amazon.com/Classical-Wedding-Traditions-Various/dp/B00004TLNX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1244158847&sr=8-1 http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Wedding-Collection-Danny-Wright/dp/B0000011ZX/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1244158895&sr=1-1 Of course if you know family musicians, go ahead and use them too!! Most of the time they won't charge. 14. For the reception, if you want music, gather all your friends' favorite love songs and make a CD to be played. That is all I can think. I hope some of this helped. Good Luck. I admire every bride who chooses not to go serverely in debt in order to have a special day. You CAN have both. God Bless.
  10. Hon, the ones who will look back on the wedding as memorable are you & your husband...no one else. They will remember how pretty you looked, how good a time they had...and that's it. Consider a cake & punch reception with a live musician (violin or guitar, or piano) inbetween the lunch & dinner hours-you can add pastries and simple finger foods to it...it will not break the budget and yet it can be elegant..and it's a old southern custom. or a champagne brunch reception with breakfast foods after a morning ceremony...very chic you know and budget friendly.
  11. There are tons of things you can do to save money. Get a print it yourself invitation kit. Make your own bouquets. Go to the Dollar Tree and find all the supplies you could need for your centerpieces. Local Craft stores are also good places to shop. Walmart has 3 tier wedding cakes for $125. I am doing all the flowers, invitations, centerpieces,programs and food for my brothers wedding we are spending about 1200. Good luck!
  12. For my centerpieces I did picnic baskets, all which I found at a thrift store. I also got checkered print for the baskets at the thrift store too. Most of everything else I made, friends made or I bought on Ebay or Craigslist.
  13. Im selling my brand new dress for $150! Let me know if i can be of any help! :) http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c55/creeper120/4403.jpg Bridemrsmoran@yahoo.com
  14. Every bride and groom who have limited financial resources would need to cut corners while planning their wedding. In fact, there are hundred and one things that you can either outsource to others or do it yourself. Now then we know wedding planning can be outsource? Hmmmm… Even though we wanted to fully plan our wedding by ourselves, the thing is as much as we want to, we have limited time and energy. But again, I have seen many brides who did items by themselves. Plus another big contributing factor to the big hole in your purse or pocket is the ability to be frugal, decisive and able to bargain. During my wedding planning, I did a lot of bargaining and I pushed my way through. I got another 5R wedding album for free. This album would have cost me another 200 dollars.
  15. You can find many favors here and some are less than $1.00 each depending on the quantity ordered: http://www.favorsandaccessories.com/ It is a great site too if you have a themed wedding as everything is in categories.
  16. The dollar tree always has great wedding stuff. I'd defiantly check that place out before I spent money anywhere else. You can read about a couple who spent only $2,000 on their wedding here: http://TwitPWR.com/hu9/