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Anyone know a good site for cheap, affordable wedding ideas?

I'm getting married in a few months and doing my wedding on a budget. I'm not the girl who always dreamed of my wedding day, so I'm pretty flexible as long as it goes with a simple, inexpensive and pretty taste. Does anyone know a good site for affordable, some DIY wedding ideas? Please only reply if you have a real answer, thank you!


  1. The court house is a great idea
  2. i am also looking for inexpensive ceremony and reception sites as i dont think its practical to spend a lot of money that will be over in 1 day. i heard that government facilities like parks, etc. are cheapest. just check out your local parks and rec website. goodluck!
  3. I am reading your question in two ways, I think. Are you asking cheap as in going to the court house or having at a friends house or are you asking for sites for help with reasonable costs for a bigger wedding??? For some help with affordable weddings, I suggest this site, it has a lots of different things http://save-on-crafts.com
  4. Have an outdoor wedding :-) It can be nice and elegant...and shouldn't cost much! Especially if you know someone who has a nice amount of land.