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How much does a cheap wedding cost?

My girlfriend and I are on a really tight budget and we don't know how much a cheap wedding will cost. Can anyone give a quote with a general beak down of what everything costs?


  1. The cost of a marriage license and someone to perform the ceremony. I highly recommend it!
  2. get married in city hall, in colorado i payed 10$ and we married ourselves, literally, no judge, but in chicago i know it's around 65$ and you have to see a judge.' then you can just invite family and close friends to watch take photos... and have small reception at a hall or dont... get married now then wait a few years and then do the big wedding, renew your vows and party.
  3. What is your budget? Where are you located at? All depends on where and how much...so... Go to your nearest holy place as in Church, Mosque, Temple, whichever, and ask a holy person. If you are an atheist, go to court and get married for less than $100, that would be the application fee. Afterwards, have a get together at your place that you married your gf. Ta-Da!
  4. I helped a friend plan a wedding with a $500 budget. Dress - $99 special from David's Bridal (she was lucky and didn't need to have it altered) Bridesmaids - wore summer dresses found on clearance, they bought their own Cake and food were donated by friends and family Chairs - rental place -$100 Officiant - $200 Ceremony site - another friend's home - free Flowers - $100 Basically you can do it cheaply if you have some great friends and family who can donate things. Set a budget for the dress - David's Bridal runs $99 sales pretty often. Set a budget for flowers and decorations, borrow from friends and family..get a few real ones but use mostly fake - they look great and are a lot cheaper. Set a budget for food: do an 11 a.m. wedding and then you can do a light lunch. or instead of wedding cake, do wedding cupcakes Decide what's important - a nice wedding or a nice honeymoon or save your money for a nice house!
  5. cheap means how much cheap? In fact a wedding may not cost anything ,there are many social organizations which can arrange your marriage without any cost .In fact they may give wedding present too .see in directory or google it out
  6. Marriage license and requirements for applying for such license. That's the most important thing in the whole wedding. Aside from that, I reckon you would like to have a little celebration with family and friends, perhaps, a nice dress for the bride and suit for the groom, a bouquet of flowers, budget for petrol, etc. It really depends on you. You can start with establishing how much your budget really is. From their, deduct all the very important expenses: marriage license requirements, officiant's fee (find the cheapest, or even a free one), and petrol (of course, so you can travel to the office that issues the license and to the officiant's location). Then decide which elements of a wedding celebration are very important to you. It could be food, photography, flowers, invites, etc.... although, in my opinion, it would have to be food, as you can do without flowers and invites and professional photography, but not with an empty and complaining stomach for you and your guests. Decide how much you can allocate for the food and see if you can find the most inexpensive but delicious food you can find (it could be self-catered or catered by a restaurant, it depends on your preference). From there, you can have a good idea how much guests you can afford to have. (I'm speaking based on my experience of finding a package good for 100 persons, when initially I was thinking of having only 80 guests. All packages were good for 100, so I might as well have 100 guests, than 80 and not get a refund anyway for the 20.) After the food, decide again what you want to splurge on, or what elements are important to you. For example, I've decided to have a $100 budget only for my entire bridal attire. I found a nice bridal-ly fabric which i got for less than $10 per meter, and I'm making my own dress to cut costs. Since I'll be having a long dress, I've decided not to buy new shoes and wear the beige pair that I already have. It's about 2" high, but if I get tired, I'll just go barefoot at the reception/dance floor. I'm thinking of not having a veil (it'll just be a nuisance anyway) and bought a nice tiara thing for less than $10 again. For my bouquet, it's either I have tissue paper flowers, or buy a choice of flowers from an ordinary shop and arrange them myself into a bridal bouquet (I suppose nobody would know I did it, and not a professional florist.) I also have a $100 budget for invitations. I've set up a wedsite already, and collected email addresses, so I'll just email my Save the date's, and have other details posted on the website. Each invitation will have to be just two pages - one for the invitation proper, and one for the rsvp/website details... although I think I'll have to prepare printed maps, rsvp details, etc... to be included in invites of those guests whom I expect to have no internet access. I'll be telling family and friends to bring their cameras, so I don't have to hire professional photographer. Yeah, memories are important... but how often do married couples open and display their wedding albums anyway? The photography packages' costs were as much as the reception package's costs... so that's terribly expensive! For favors... a picture of me and my groom in our wedding attire. They can put that in their photo album of friends... but what will they do with a figurine or a candle or scented soap anyway? An additional dust-gatherer in their homes? I'll have a bridal party, but I'm thinking of buying my bridesmaids' shoes, jewelry, or pay part of their dresses, as my gift to them. My total budget is $4,000.. and that already has plenty of allowances.