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What should I use to put my wedding centerpiece on top of?

I'm having a wine & grapes themed wedding, and I'm using decorated wine bottles, wine glass gel candles and a basket filled with real grapes for each table. I was going to use a mirror to put all of these on top of, but I'm only using one candle, so I wonder if anyone has a better idea for all of this. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you!


  1. Honestly, I would skip the wine glass gel candle. In my opinion it kind of cheapens what could be a very nice look, which seems to be a sort of French or Italian Country look. Depending on your colors, why not vary the centerpieces? Some with real grapes and some with mounds of yellow lemons or oranges. Vary the height and sizes of your baskets. Think about using metal baskets. You can go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and purchase hardback books, spray paint them to match your wedding party colors, stack three in an angle and place your fruit baskets on top You could also place the baskets on top of a larger cutting board or a chalk board. Here are some centerpiece inspirations using fruit. http://www.stylemepretty.com/2009/02/03/wedding-centerpieces-viii/ hope this helps.
  2. A glass cake pedestal.
  3. Hmmm that will take some thought but right off the bat, I don't think a mirror fits in with your look, which by the way sounds beautiful and Italian....but I think something more rustic would better suit the decor. Something made of a natural weave or maybe even real grapevines. Another thing that would be charming is to stick candles in Ciante bottles and burn them halfway down so that the wax drips down the bottle. I did that with dark red candles and it was gorgeous and authentic. But back to your question, a mirror sounds out of place and too modern for your look. Best of luck and congratulations!
  4. I saw an episode of David Tutera "My Fair Wedding", there was this bride whose wedding theme was "Pink Merlot" her favorite wine. David transformed it into the Vineyards of Italy. David is the best!!!! Sweetie this episode airs again Friday, May 21 @ 12pm/11c. Must watch!!! Here is her story... http://www.wetv.com/video/?bcpid=23297151001&bctid=44256337001
  5. A one-tier flat serving tray?