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Does anyone have wedding suggestions for me?

My fiance and I decided to move up our wedding, and now I have 3 weeks to put it together. Since it is November, I am thinking about having my colors as rustic orange, gold, and ivory. I am at a loss for flowers! I have no idea what flowers to use, or a theme, or colors. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. First, congratulations! Second, there are plenty of fall flower options. You should look at fall.weddings.com for ideas. This slideshow has all kinds of orange, gold, and ivory ceremony decor ideas: http://fall.weddings.com/Local-Weddings/fall/results.aspx?type=3&seasons=Fall&wedding_details=ceremony+decor You should also read this article for fall flower trends: http://fall.weddings.com/articles/fall-wedding-flower-trends.aspx Hope that helps!
  2. http://beautifulblooms.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/hoover-bridal-bouquet.jpg http://media.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0003/0046687/large_image.jpg You already have your colors that will fit beautifully into a fall theme! Above are a couple links with pictures of bouquets. I'd suggest bouquets heavy on chrysanthemums: beautiful and inexpensive this time of year and they come in a variet of colors. Incorporate them in bouquets, centerpieces...to decorate your cake. Relax! It will all come together!
  3. you can buy wedding flowers book to get some ideas, if you got time of curse. you can check this lean http://www.squidoo.com/Wedding-Flowers-Books