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Are outdoor weddings more expensive than a church wedding?

I REALLY REALLY want an outdoor wedding but I am working on a tight budget so I'v chosen to use a church instead. I still have to decorate the church though. Would it be cheaper to stick with the church? Please offer your ideas to get an outdoor wedding decorated on a low budget.


  1. That depends on where you have it. My nephew got married in a park. A small park fee and there was a building there for a reception. There's an outdoor wedding guide, with tips for saving money, linked below. I haven't used it, but it looks like she has ideas. She wrote a book, which you might find at a library. A lot of the cost of a wedding depends on you and what you offer. For my wedding (third daughter, sixth kid through college - not a lot of money from my parents), I deliberately planned it so it wouldn't be time for a meal. The meal and reception are your biggest costs, not the location. You can save all kinds of money on that. We just served cake and punch and some munchies, no meal. And the reception location is also where a lot of your money comes in. Google budget wedding and you will probably find all kinds of ideas.
  2. Do what your heart desires, most areas have public parks that have beautiful scenic areas some including a gazebo for either no fee or a very small fee. You could do bows on the aisle chairs and if there is a gazebo small decorations such as bows and flowers. You will be the center of attention not the area you have it. Ask your photographer they may have suggestions for an outdoor area and it also depends on what time of year you are getting married and the area you live. Good luck and Congratulations!!!
  3. Decorating and outdoor wedding is not where the expense is. It is in the renting of chairs, arch, rental of place, and possibly rental of a tent if you live where the weather will be a factor. The decorating of a church is minimal......many churches already have their own candelabras. you just need the candles (go to the dollar store). You can choose you have alter flowers, or not, tulle looped from pew to pew is really cheap. A roll of tulle is about 20.00. An outdoor wedding can be done cheap if you have your guests stand for the ceremony and then go to where the reception is being held. There are so many variables to each, depending on what you want and what you need. My daughter married in our back yard, we rented chairs and tables, made the decorations ourselves, had a DJ and full buffet for 100 people. We spent 3000.00 including her dress, my dress, dads tux, cake, and my other daughters MOH dress.You can go crazy and spend alot...or you can spend little and have just a nice a wedding. I hope you have some good help...... Good Luck.....
  4. That depends. Parks are often free, but then you might need to rent chairs. I have been to outdoor weddings on the beach where the venue was completely free. No rentals, and the guests just stood on the beach.