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How much would it cost me to have a simple wedding?

Im wanting to get married, my budget is $3,000. Would that be enough to have a simple church wedding with no reception, no food and maybe like 50 guests? And what all needs to be done, like dress, flowers etc? A checklist would help. Also who is suppose to pay for the honeymoon the bride or both? Much Appreciated.....God Bless


  1. $3,000 is more than enough to have a simple ceremony with fifty guests, and a reception. It would be rude not to have one. You can have your ceremony performed for about $100-$150, wear clothes you already own or buy them at a local department store, and host a dinner afterward at your home in your backyard. Try to make as much of the meal as you can yourself or with immediate family's help, or pick up chicken and salad or hors d'oeuvres at a price club. You don't need to do much decorating. Just enjoy yourselves and your guests. As for the honeymoon, you and your fiance pay for that.
  2. I do not know your circumstances, but if you have your wedding in your home town then perhaps your family and friends can volunteer to help and bring things to cut your costs. A wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Perhaps, you can save some money to have a cake and punch reception. Especially if your guests travel, they will expect at least cake and punch. Dress: borrow or consignment shoppe $500 Church and pastor: Ask what is Traditional fee for the church Flowers: $50 with a borrowed vase from grocery store. (This will look lovely.) Your bouquet: groom pays $50.00 Honeymoon: Traditionally groom pays. Bridesmaid? You don't mention Photographer: friend for free? Music: friend for free? Of course, you do not have to have a reception. It is just the gracious thing to do for your guests.
  3. it is nice to have some sort of reception for your guests ; even if it is just coffee/champagne & cake immediately following the ceremony. another option is ''pot luck'' at your home - this is quite manageable with you proposed number of guests
  4. Dear one, Trust me, a thrifty bride can take that $3,000 and have a lovely wedding and even a nice reception on about $1500 - which would leave $1500 for a nice honeymoon. OK maybe not Jamaica or Hawaii, but certainly a honeymoon at a lovely country inn or romantic bed and breakfast is do-able on way less than that amount. It does take some research and decisions on your part however. And therein lies the rub. See, Honey, we don't know you, your tastes, desires, beliefs, etc. etc. and what is unnecessarily extravagant to one person is an absolute necessity to someone else. Someone may feel that punch and cake are just perfect, while others absolutely MUST HAVE the 6-course sit-down meal and set doves free etc. etc.. So we can't help you a whole lot with what your requirements are. Only you can do that. However, there are books and books at your favorite bookstore that cover all your questions. And of course, libraries are free. Try reading up on the subject. Finally, now this is important, dear one: This is now 2010 - not 1810. You and your fiance should be grown-up enough to be 100% completely responsible for paying for your entire wedding - from engagement rings to the honeymoon. All of it. All by yourselves. That your family might have coughed up some money is just a bonus - not a requirement. Oh, as an afterthought - do not ask your guests to give you money as opposed to a "gift." That's rude and no way to treat the honored guests you've asked to celebrate your marriage with you.
  5. It is possible to have a simple church wedding for $3,000. Not sure about lists. I think I used realsimple and weddingknot. It is helpful if you already belong to a church and can get married there. Keep in mind some churches are expensive and some require premarital counseling which can also get expensive, although I believe it is a really good idea. The church we belong to is very big and as I wanted a small wedding we got married at a chapel and had 30 guests. It was very reasonable. Some chapels even offer a cake and punch reception in an adjoining room for a very nominal fee. It could be awkward to have no reception at all, especially if your guests travel some distance to attend. If nothing else you have the guests over to your house or someone else's house for cake and punch. Get a sheet cake at Costco or Safeway. We got ours at Safeway; it was great. I got my dress off of craigslist. To buy the wedding dress, have it altered by a tailor and cleaned cost less than $300. Flowers you can do either via farmers market or have each attendant (if any) carry a single flower. Or you can go with silk flowers which is what I did. I had one attendant. I bought her dress online from Sears for $50 and she wore shoes and jewelry she already had. If you are paying for the wedding yourself you are usually paying for the honeymoon yourself too. Considering you are both getting married you will most likely pay for the honeymoon together or decide who will pay for what--cake, flowers, honeymoon, minister, etc.
  6. I don't think you have to have a reception so don't listen to them. I think it is totally possible. Dress, Tux/suit Flowers Rings Photos? a regular camera would do Certificate
  7. *Bride's Dress, veil, shoes, lingerie~ look on Davidsbridal.com in the sale section they have some good deals under sale and outlet or watch after prom for a pretty white prom dress. a white bridesmaids dress or find a pattern and a reasonably priced seamstress 500.00 *Bride's Hair/Makeup ~Have any talented friends? 50.00 *Groom's Attire~ usually free if he brings in groomsmen, dads, ushers, etc 100.00 *Beverage~ I know you don't want a reception and u don't have to but it might be nice to have just cake and some punch, non alcoholic even, and mingle for a while 150.00 *Cake~a sheet cake with flowers in ur colors with your names& date on top. 70.00 ~~~~C if you could do this in the hall at the church right after the service. it is not necessary, but it is nice to say thanks and not just kiss and run *Ceremony Decorations~ white tulle is cheap and pretty. very versatile. you may want flowers on the alter but don't get to carried away 125.00 *Flowers~Bride/bridesmaid banquets, boutonnieres for groom groomsmen and dads, corsages for moms 150.00 *Honeymoon Lodging~ ok so this wont get you to Tahiti, but a few days away with your newlywed does it matter where you are? 1000.00 *Church and Pastor 150.00 *Wedding Rings ~SHOP AROUND! there is a lot of competition out there for your money find one that will give you the most for it! Titanium rings are a good buy if you like them! 300.00 *Attendants' Gifts~girls a cute pair of earrings, guys shot glass 30.00 *Favors ~Take some tulle and lay it flat in center put 1 hershey's kiss, 1 Hug, and 1 Hershey's Bliss wrap it up tie with a ribbon and a tag that says: "It started with a hug and led to a kiss Now we've joined in wedded bliss! Thanks for being part of our day! 20.00 &Ring pillow, candles~www.orientaltrading.com 50.00 *Ceremony Music~Canon in D on CD 30.00 *Engagement Photos~ Walmart, Sears, JC Penney's all have sales constantly for around $10 for a photo package! 20.00 *Photos~ hand digital cameras to two trustworthy friends! and pass out a few disposable cameras. i'm sure the digital you could borrow from family! Also ask that all pictures be forwarded to you that are taken by the audience 60.00 *Final Photos~photo paper and ink or take it to one of those kodak kiosks 50.00 *Invitations, Thank Yous, Announcements, programs~www.designerpapers.com 60.00