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What are some creative ideas for a 3rd year wedding anniversary on a budget?

Obviously I know about candle lit dinner and other typical ideas, but what are some UNIQUE ideas for a couple who doesn't have any money to spend (maybe a few dollars) for their thrid year married (we are leaving the baby with someone that night). THANKS!


  1. Leather is the traditional gift for the third anniversary, so why not do something like a leather key chain or belt. Something inexpensive.
  2. I am in the same boat... except we are limited in cash AND I am on bed rest. Thank you for asking, I am gonna keep an eye on this one... Leather is the traditional gift for 3rd anniversary (crystal or glass is the modern one), can get kinda expensive, but you could get him a wallet and have his initials put on it. You could take him out for a romantic little picnic, like on the beach or in a park or something. I will add more if I think of any.
  3. Hey Abby...How about from a guy's point of view??? Either...Have a nice evening planned...Yes have mom or a friend take the baby, Make a nice dinner...Get all spruced up, dress kinda sexy and greet him when he get's home...Buy a little leather gift and card for him...eat, have some nice wine...and make love like crazy all evening and re-kindle your affection all over again... Or...Where did he ask you to marry him, or the date you both remember..I imagine you didn't have too much cash then too..Do that again...then go home and do the first suggestion... :)...I know most guy's don't like things too fancy...Just lots of loving and affection from a sexy gal they love...I know I would...But...alas, too old and a bachelor..lol...most of all have fun and keep it simple...Just you...K?...Yukoneze