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Any Thoughts on what to think of for my last week before my wedding and honey moon?

I have 9 days til my wedding and honeymoon. Maybe somebody has some suggestions for things that you forget about til last minute. I have a lot already like Hotels booked, wedding dress ready, all the big stuff but I want to think of the little things.


  1. Transportation? Back-up plans? Important contact numbers all in one handy place? Anyone you're depending on require a reminder? Any confirmation calls required? Vaccinations required for honeymoon destination? Any pets or children require care during the wedding or honeymoon? Travel bags backed? Birth control plan? Emergency kit for the day of the wedding? Someone in place to take care of your work while you're gone? Do they understand your job? Do they have someone to contact if there are problems? Do you have someone to pickup your mail, water plants, etc; while you're gone? On your honeymoon, how will you spend? Do you need to exchange your money, do they accept your credit card, will you use travellers' cheques? Does the hotel have a place for valuables? Do you have a basic knowledge of the political, social and geographical climate of your honeymoon destination? I hope your passports are already in order, but if not...rush! Good luck with everything! Congratulations!
  2. Make sure you have your bridal party emergency kit ready for the big day. Include tweezers, clear nail polish, needle and thred, mints/gum/both, ibprofen or tylenol. These are just off the top of my head but if you do a google search, you'll find a better list. If you don't already have one, a contact list including all of the vendors and wedding party and have a copy for best man and maid of honor as well. If you're going to have a "dance all night" (longer) wedding reception, i would bring comfy shoes to slip on at some point. A friend of mine just got married and her wedding reception went until 11 at night and she new she was going to be doing a lot of dancing so she went to Wal-Mart and bought a pair of white flip-flops for the last part of the evening. They matched her dress and her dress was long enough to cover them...plus, her feet didn't hurt. I thought it was an amazing idea! As for the honeymoon, if you're leaving directly...you can double check to make sure you have everything that you need. Razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, tooth brush, tooth paste, brush, hair ties, hair clips, nail clippers, tweezers, any type of medications etc...all the needed clothing and shoes. Past that... Just enjoy your day and have fun during the honeymoon!
  3. Your husband. LOL
  4. Yes...double check everything that has already been arranged and reserved. Don't think "oh, that was done a long time ago"...because reservations or not, they forget....the florist, the photographer, the D.J., the dresses and any accessories, the gifts for the attendants, the decorations and who is doing them....music and those doing it, the cake, the food, the servers, etc....Talk to each one...remind them of all the details that matter to you.....emphasize when they will be at the church. Send a post card to each member of the wedding party, if you haven't done so with everything they need to remember...when and where to pick up the tux....when is the rehearsal...any other "events' before the wedding...what time to be at the church...the hair-do times, the photo times, etc...so all the details are there with times and addresses. This will save immense confusion and problems for those who don't pay close attention. Have ready to take to the wedding the day of the wedding....emergency items...an extra pair of shoes that will go with your dress (i broke a pair walking into the church)....needles and thread, hair dryer and curling iron, extra make-up, safety pins, an iron and a steamer, a hair brush and comb, hair pins, and anything else you can think of...for anything that could go wrong with an outfit, a hair-do, etc. Have someone lined up to take candid photos throughout the whole wedding....you will be so happy to have them later and get that picture everyone else missed. Have someone lined up to collect all the items in the church, such as flowers, etc....what to do with them...where to take them...and someone in charge of the gifts...keeping them safe during the wedding...loading them in a Van, etc. Remember to have someone get the flower girl, the ring bearer, the servers and others that often get missed in a picture. Have a schedule of the wedding day ready for you and your wedding party....it is very important to making the day go well...then just enjoy the day...whatever goes wrong, does...don't worry about it....have a trouble shooter lined up for that day...and you enjoy yourself! A day to remember!