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What to expect when trying on wedding dresses?

What underwear should I wear to it? I'm going to bring ads of dresses i like, but not sure if there is anything else I'll need to let them know or anything.


  1. dont wear underwear at all they slow you down and get in the way
  2. A lot of places will provide you with the undergarments. Call and ask beforehand. Also, a long line bra is recommended for most dresses as well as a slip. Without the proper undergarments the dress will not hang right and may look different. Especially if you are looking at halters or strapless gowns, they may feel heavier or fall down more if you don't have the proper underwear...
  3. It depends where you are going and PLEASE wear underwear! Imagine if nobody wore underwear and everyone was trying on the same dresses. So gross. Any kind of underwear will work. Anyway, also wear a convertible bra if you have one, or a strapless. If you are going to a nice bridal salon, they will typically bring the options to you once you give them an idea of what you are looking for. They are trained to see the kind of dresses that will fit you well. If you are going somewhere like David's Bridal, you can look around yourself but the attendants will help you as well. Just have fun with it and keep your mind open! Good Luck!
  4. Doesn't matter too much. Most bridal shops have strapless bras that you can try on with your dress if need be. Also slips and whatever else goes on underneath so you can get a good diea of what your dress will look like on your wedding day.
  5. * Wear a convertible or strapless bra to try on. This will give you a better idea of the way the dress will fit up top. * Don't worry about the slip because the bridal place can provide you with one since this is something that most people don't have already and not all dresses require them. * Wear shoes that are approximately the height of what you think you would wear. This, again, helps give you a better look at the dress. * Wear underwear! Wear a pair of nice, comfortable boy shorts or something because in some places you may have to lose your inhibitions because you can't put on the dress yourself. * Have dress ideas, but also be open to other styles because you never know. * If there is anything specific you like or don't like, let them know in order to guide them. * Remember that bridal gowns are made for women that are about 5'9" so they almost always need to be hemmed and altered. It's easier to take in a dress than let it out, which is why this is done.
  6. Don't put your hair up. It will get so messed up since you have to "dive" into the dresses. Don't wear lipstick... yes i know, it wont be YOUR dress that your trying, but worrying about lipstick getting on the dress is annoying. Don't go in wearing a G string... People help you put the dresses on since its almost impossible to get them on yourself. Wear something that you will feel comfortable in front of a couple people. As far as the bra, wear a strapless (that is, if you are planning on getting a strapless or halter dress) Sometimes, they provide these at the place you try dresses on. Just come prepared just in case. They usually have some shoes that you can try on as far as height determination. Have fun with it. Your gonna love it.
  7. Whatever you choose, wear something that you would not be embarrassed to be seen in by a stranger. Watch "say yes to the dress" on cable/dish, it shows you what not to do. No weird colored underwear, nothing that contrasts greatly with your skin color, or would show through a white dress. Limit the lace and decorations on the underwear that might "catch" on the dress or a can-can, and cause the underwear to leave you when the dress does. I recommend wearing a strapless corset. Regular bras stick out and show. And in most stores, you have to come out of the dressing room to get to the raised platform and the big multiple view mirrors. One bride on TV had on a g-string, and chose to try on a see through gown. The "underwear" showed through like it was neon. Otherwise, they might ask you what kind of dress you are interested in, what your spending limit might be, they might ask if this is a church wedding or if the site is a venue, and they might ask if you have any special needs or requests. This is when you get your pictures out, and tell them that your church does not allow very low cut dresses, or you hate mermaid dresses, or whatever you like and dislike. And if possible, bring the wedding shoes, or something with a similar heel with you. It can make a huge difference in where the hem should be. And do your research, and be able to tell the sales person what you do and don't like about a particular dress. That is too many ruffles, I don't like the shape, it is too plain are comments that will help her find the right dress for you. These ladies are expert at telling you the dress that is most flattering to your figure. A "I don't like it" comment does not give them any clues about what you want. Expect that there is a time limit for your appointment, expect that if you start to go over it, they will tell you to make another appointment for another day. They want you to try on as few dresses as possible, they probably work on commission, and it is more money in their pocket if they can anticipate what you would like, and then try on less dresses, and be gone before their next appointment. And I would listen and trust their judgment, boy those women on that show can pick a dress for a bride, and so can Randy! And they are not shy about telling the bride why she looks so good.A little ruching at the bust, and she looks like a playboy centerfold candidate. A band of jewels just above the waist, and she looks like she actually has a waist! I have got to give them credit, I have seen brides on that show where I thought that a dress had never been made yet that could make them look good, and boy, they find one and the bride looks like, well, a fairy princess. Congrats, and good luck, and have fun picking your dress! And one more thing, take people with you that love and support you and will tell you the truth about how you look in the dresses. The smaller the viewing audience, the less confusing for the bride. Leave your jealous sister, or your high fashion Paris Hilton wanna-be best friend at home. It is not about what they want, or like, it is what looks good on you that counts.
  8. Bridal salons prefer that you bring or wear things as close as possible to what you'll be wearing on your wedding day. This mostly pertains to the bra (though most salons will sell you an appropriate bra if they need to), though if you're wearing something slinky you might want to consider your underwear too. Another thing I'd suggest is that if you have them, take whatever shoes you're going to wear to the wedding. This is more important at fittings than when you're trying dresses on, but your shoes can make a difference in how a dress fits and looks. Good luck!