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A Terrible Boyfriend's Terrible Card, Reclaiming the Gifts You Gave to Your Ex, And Other Valentine's Day Advice
# thatznotokay Welcome to Thatz Not Okay , a regular column in which I school inquiring readers on what is and is not okay. Please send your questions to caity@gawker.com with the subject "Thatz Not Okay." More »
Gawker | Thursday 14th of February 2013 04:51:44 PM

Why the Winner’s Envelope is Now an Iconic Part of the Oscars
By Whitney Baker and Rachael Moore For 27 years, Marc Friedland, also known as the “godfather of the invitation” and “stationer to the stars,” has perfected the design, elegance and timeliness of an invitation. Having developed wedding invites for
Opposing Views | Monday 18th of February 2013 10:01:01 AM